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5 Best Watch Boxes for Men

by Brianne Forbes February 15, 2020 4 min read

5 Best Watch Boxes for Men

As we progress through the century, traditional, mechanical, analog watches increasingly become a thing of the past. Even single battery digital watches are quickly becoming a thing of the past.

Nowadays, we see the increasing prevalence of Apple watches and Fitbits. Those things are amazing as they allow us to do so much more than we could have ever imagined a miniature watch could do.

Smartwatches have enabled us to control appliances from anywhere, respond to text messages, check the weather, and respond to emails.

Even with all that, the new age of watches still does not compare to the grandeur and intricateness of the gears and design of a classic analog watch.

You know, the watches with the hands? The long hand indicates the minute of the hour and the shorthand indicates the hour of the day.

Chances are, if you still collect these types of wristwatches, you must be on the older spectrum of age, around say 50 years or older. If you’re a younger one and collect these types of watches, you are far ahead of your time.

Watch collections are a popular activity amongst older populations.

Regardless of your age, if you like to collect classic watches or really just any kind of watch, it is best to keep them locked secure and free of dust with a watch box.

It seems a little old-fashioned, but a few ounces of prevention is worth a lot of headache and money down the road.

Here are five of the most fabulous watch boxes for men today!

1. Long Watch Box with Glass Top 6 Compartments Mahogany

If you find yourself slowly becoming an old soul and a lover of watches, this is the perfect watch box for you.

It is long, narrow and you can organize your most prized and cherished watches in it. The brushed velvet interior is nice, smooth and soft enough to ensure that you won’t tarnish your beautiful watches with scratches.

The transparent glass compartment on the lid of the watch box is perfect for admiring the watches from inside the box on top of the dresser without exposing their precious metals to the harsh external atmosphere and dust mites.

The outer mahogany finish is a great addition atop your dresser. For a reasonable up-front investment, you can protect your watches forever!

2. Long Watch Box with Glass Top 6 Compartments Black

This is the same exact box as the Long Watch Box With Glass Top 6 Compartment Mahogany except it’s black.

If you ask me, the black finish has an even classier taste than the mahogany finish. Just picture your collection of luxurious wristwatches in a slender and sleek black watch box sitting in front of your bedroom mirror.

Now that’s a man with class! Storing your watches doesn’t always have to involve a secret location. Unless of course, you live with people you want to avoid the possibility of anything getting stolen.

Keep your prized watches safe from damage but keep them on a respectable pedestal at the same time.

3. 50 Pair Cufflink and Watch Box Double Decker Mahogany

If you are a self-proclaimed collector of both wristwatches and cufflinks, then this watch box will rock your world!

The deeply coloured mahogany exterior with transparent shatterproof glass lid maintains the sanctity of the watches and cufflinks you so deeply cherish.

They are not simply men’s accessories to you; they are treasures. Treasures from the memories of the parties and formal events to which you have been invited over the years. You cannot go wrong with this box.

Free yourself from worry about your watches and cufflinks catching dust and losing their shine from the air in your room with the lush velvet material that keeps customers coming back. The allure will remain should you keep these items safely in the watch and cufflink box.

With this box, you should have the incentive to fill every last space with cufflinksfrom the online cufflink capital of the world, or in other words, Cuffed.com.au 

4. 50 Pair Cufflink and Watch Box Double Decker Black

Anything black is just so debonair and sophisticated, isn’t it? That is why you should consider this box.

After all, you do plan to fill each space in the box with the classiest cufflinks you own so why not make the storage box a pleasant thing to look at. You’re the one that has to look at it every time you come home, right?

The compartment allows for four of your most treasured collected watches and 50 pairs of cufflinks.

You’re probably drooling over the figures just thinking about it. You’re probably also thinking about putting together your next outfit combination of cufflinks and a watch for the next formal outing.

They’ll look so shiny, fresh and clean through the shatterproof glass lid. Only a few clicks and it’s yours.

5. Watch Winder Box 4 + 4 Watches in Black - Carbon Fibre Interior

This box was literally manufactured for the avid wristwatch collector and wearer.

This mechanical box keeps watches prepared to be worn. Never shop for an automatic watch winder again as they come already assembled and attached within the box. This is a luxury watch collection at its finest.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to snag this highly mechanically superior watch box built for a total of EIGHT WATCHES. This box just became hotter.

It is powered by a power cable, winding controls for the rotors and three D-sized batteries. It doesn’t get much better than this.

Get it while it lasts because it’ll go by fast.

Think Outside the Box

Great things are achieved when you think outside the box. Watches have to be removed from their stored position in the box and worn on your wrist to feel the power and status that comes with them.

See what happens when you go outside of the box, you can flex that shiny wristwatch that has been handed down from royalty in your family lineage.

Just as important as wearing wristwatches is appropriately storing them. At Cuffed.com.au, we have a select group of elite watch storage boxes that will fulfil all your desires for what you are looking for in a storage box.

You don’t just want a place to store the watches. You want glamour. Purchase while supplies last.

Brianne Forbes
Brianne Forbes

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