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Best Unique Cufflinks on the Market

by Anne Crest February 08, 2020 4 min read

Best Unique Cufflinks on the Market

There’s something about cufflinks that makes men seem so much more dapper, brilliant, and prepared for anything life throws at them.

Think about it, before buying cufflinks, men with a high level of class do their research on what to wear with a set of cufflinks, and they will make sure that the ones they purchase will make them stand out from the rest of the pack.

If there is any accessory a man needs to wear in the 21st century, it is cufflinks. Setting yourself apart in contemporary society has never been so simple and inexpensive. In a lot of cases, you can skip the designer clothes, belt, shoes, or watch and just go for a set of unique cufflinks.

Why spend exuberant amounts on watches and designer clothes to look fly when you can purchase a set of cufflinks for a fraction of the price?

Cufflinks are quickly becoming the new wave in men’s fashion, and it is imperative that you hop on that wave too. Expeditiously.

There is a pair of cufflinks for every shirt, tie, tuxedo and suit combination. More importantly, there is a pair of cufflinks for every personality, feeling, profession and hobby out there, and the best ones can be found at Cuffed.com.au.

Take a look and see for yourself. Here is a selection of the best unique cufflinks on the market.

1. Silver Building Blocks Cufflinks

They say studying hard and working hard are the building blocks to a solid and prosperous future. They are certainly correct.

Cufflinks are the building blocks to a complete and very fine outfit. This is also very correct. Today, you could purchase these shiny, classic silver LEGO Building Block cufflinks and show off the accessory that is taking the world by storm.

Your life is together. Show the world exactly how put together it is with these very unique cufflinks. It is likely that no one you will encounter has ever seen cufflinks quite like these.

2. Blue Abstract Spinning Globe Cufflinks

They say cufflinks make the world go round and these informative and worldly cufflinks certainly do.

These polished blue and silver globes will surely make everyone’s head spin. They’re definitely a different set of cufflinks than what people are used to seeing. Ready for adventure?

These blue spinning globes are a great welcome into the vast world of men’s accessories.

3. Fuel Gauge and Speedometer Cufflinks

Rev those engines and step on the gas. Vroom vroom! These cufflinks are perfect for the man who lives life at full speed and is full of energy.

They look just like what you see on the dashboard. Only downside? They don’t light up or tell you when there is an issue with the vehicle. Still a great set of cufflinks though.

4. Acoustic Guitar Cufflinks

Beware of these cufflinks, a Garth Brooks concert may break out at any moment upon fastening these cufflinks on your sleeves.

Whether you are a paid guitarist or an amateur guitarist who feels that they could be a paid guitarist, these exciting cufflinks look great on any shirt.

So get in tune and start practising those scales, these cufflinks aren’t going to tune themselves. Your friends are waiting for a performance from you.

5. Working Compass Cufflinks

If you haven’t been impressed by any of the cufflinks I have shown you on this list, you will be thoroughly impressed with these highly functional and stylish Working Compass Cufflinks.

Basically, if you were to get lost in a forest and happened to be wearing these cufflinks, you would be able to avoid starvation and the possibility of becoming dinner for a pack of dingoes.

A compass always points to true north, and these cufflinks will always point you in the right direction of style and get you where you need and want to be in life.

If they don’t quite do that for you, you can count on our 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee.

These cufflinks are truly a step in the right direction, and I doubt you would want to return these.

6. Antique Vintage Style Handlebar Moustache Cufflinks

The authenticity and detail on these Antique Vintage Style Handlebar Moustache Cufflinks are truly something to admire.

If they were slightly bigger and painted over with natural hair colours, they could quickly work as an incognito moustache. This vintage look will have the hipsters raving.

Want to make the handlebar moustache cool again, then these cufflinks are the way to go.

7. Lightbulb Cufflinks

Have bright ideas that you want to share? Are you the brightest in the room? If you are the brightest in the room with a lot of ideas, then you might want a set of lightbulb cufflinks to convey that message.

Perhaps you’re the person responsible for brightening up the days in the lives of others. Or perhaps, you have a friend who does similar things, and you want to purchase these for him as a gift.

Either way, you cannot go wrong with such beautifully detailed and intricately crafted cufflinks down to the metal grooves on an incandescent lightbulb.

8. Big Ben Cufflinks

Cue the Rule Britannia!

While Big Ben is actually the name for the bell within the striking clock at the north side of the Palace of Westminster in London, everyone recognizes the large clock tower.

Big Ben Cufflinks are perfect for the Dr Who fan or the Londoner amongst your group of friends!

Everyone loves Big Ben, and everyone loves a man with Big Ben Cufflinks.

Uniquely You

Now that you’ve seen some of the coolest cufflinks the world has to offer. You are now fully aware of the variety of unique cufflinks that fit well with any of your future outfits.

You know what cufflinks can do for your outfit, self-esteem, and self-worth. They make all of those things astronomically higher than a man who doesn’t wear cufflinks with his business or formal attire.

You may already be pretty fly dude, but cufflinks will give you wings and quite possibly make you fly in every area of your life.

Don’t wait, pick from our multitude of that fit the person you are.

Anne Crest
Anne Crest

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