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How to Find Cool Cufflinks for a Party

by Anne Crest January 21, 2020 4 min read

How to Find Cool Cufflinks for a Party

Practically speaking, the majority of men will wear cufflinks in business, formal, and semi-formal social settings, usually as a coup de grâce to the suit and tie combination. With that said, “cool” or more relaxed cufflinks are admirably acceptable with a sports jacket and can add an ambiance of playful personality that normal buttons won’t provide.

Wear cufflinks that will make people do a doubletake. Are there any that come to mind right off the bat? You can be that cool and collected dude while also showing your sense of creativity and humour.

When searching for cool cufflinks, consider who you are. What you do is also who you are. Are you a musician? Are you in the armed forces? Or, your cufflinks could simply be things you like. Do you like sports or a specific team? Want to show some national pride? Do you like animals? They could also convey a certain mood for the event.

Whatever you do, whatever event you may find yourself at, there are cufflinks for you. Fortunately, if you shop at Cuffed.com.au, you won’t have to break your bank for some very interesting, novelty cufflinks.

Here’s a list of some creative cufflinks for you to sport at the next formal or semiformal event you attend.

Australian Flag Cufflinks

Maybe you’re an Australian citizen, or you visited Melbourne once for a short excursion a while back. Perhaps you want people to remember that one time they won the Rugby World Cup back in 1991. Anyway, these are the perfect cufflinks for showing off some of that Aussie heritage.

australian flag cufflinks

There are plenty of other national flags to choose from here at Cuffed.com.au.

Blue Spirit Level Cufflinks

Calm, cool, relaxed, and easygoing is the type of man that wears Blue Spirit Level Cufflinks. This set has a unique style and craft. It is created by artisans using rhodium plated silver as the outer capsule and blue spirit liquid look-alike on the interior.

blue spirit level cufflinks

This is bound to impress everyone at the function. These cufflinks look like the blue pill out of The Matrix; however, you are not required to forever live in blissful ignorance should you choose to swallow the blue pill!

“Poker Ace” Playing Cards Cufflinks

Are you the magician in the friend group? These are some pretty awesome cufflinks if you’re the guy who always has tricks up his sleeve. Or, on your sleeve for that matter, as cufflinks are visible and worn where everyone can see them.

poker ace playing cards cufflinks

These are really fun and unique. Separate yourself from the rest of the guys at the party with “Poker Ace” Cufflinks. Look classy at the black-tie event as you sip on that glass of Armand de Brignac, or “Ace of Spades” for that matter.

“Trust Me I’m an Accountant

Are your friends always asking you tax auditing questions? Do they constantly blow up your phone inquiring about different parts of the tax code? Did you graduate from university with a degree in accounting? Look no further; these cufflinks are calling your name.

poker ace playing cards cufflinks

Pull up to the social gathering with these on your sports coat and watch people flock to you. You’ll surely get some chuckles out of these cufflinks. Everyone will heed your advice about managing your financial portfolio.

“Trust Me I’m a Lawyer”

The phrase is written on large top quality, silver rhodium plating. Be the legal guy with a sense of humour. If you’re affiliated with the legal profession in any way, these are a hit. You will win the case with these.

trust me i m a lawyer

Wine Cufflinks

These are for the lad that enjoys a drink but in a classier fashion. They make a bold statement about your drink of choice. Water makes people stay hydrated. Coffee makes people stay awake, and wine makes, you know, people.

Wear these to your next function, and you just might hit it off with someone new.

Black and White Piano Cufflinks

Want to attract hundreds of people and be the centre of attention at a party? Play the piano. Want people to know that you are a pianist? Wear Black and White Piano cufflinks.

black and white piano cufflinks

Designed by craftsmen using top quality rhodium-plated silver and a hand-finished chrome shine, surely you will stand out in the crowd. The two big black grand pianos on your cuffs will be an excellent complement to a black bowtie and buttons on a white shirt.

Black and White Chess Cufflinks

These cufflinks say, “I play chess, and I’m really good at it.” Easily one of the most recognizable pieces to the most popular board game in the world. These are perfect for the intelligent chess enthusiast.

black and white chess cufflinks

Regardless of language, everyone at the event will express their gratitude for your chess piece cufflinks. They’re constructed from solid metal coated with black enamel for the horse and white enamel for the pawn.

What makes these a nice finishing touch is the glossy lacquer varnish that makes any outfit look spiffy.

Stethoscope Cufflinks

Doctors dress up nearly every day. The stethoscope cufflinks will surely elicit a smile from your counterparts and patients. They are highly detailed and finished with black and silver enamel. These tiny stethoscopes show the ear tips binaural spring, tubing, bell, and diaphragm.

stethoscope cufflinks

Show off your style and grace while you give the venue a checkup.

Melbourne FC AFL Cufflinks

“Weeeeee Love you, We Love You, We Love You,

And that’s the we follow, we follow

Cause we support you Melbourne Melbourne,

And that’s the way we like it, we like it, we like it” – Melbourne FC Faithful Fight Song

Show off your team pride with Melbourne FC AFL Cufflinks. Australian Football was born here. 1859, one of the greatest organizations in Australian football, along with their tradition was founded.

melbourne fc afl cufflinks

The rules for Aussie rules football started in Melbourne. Wear these as an emblem of pride on your sleeve. It doesn’t get more beautiful than silver rhodium and the red and black coloured enamel on the faceplate. Be a champion with these cufflinks.

So Many More!

The list could go on, possibly forever. If it exists on this earth, there is a set of cufflinks for it. It may feel a tad overwhelming but do not be overwhelmed! Just think about the things you like. Cufflinks don’t always have to be for super formal events.

Your favourite sports teams, videogames, instruments, and hobbies can all be found here in the form of cufflinks at Cuffed.com.au. You saw them here first. Never stop searching!

Anne Crest
Anne Crest

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