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Buying the Best Collar Stays at Amazing Prices!

by Anne Crest January 18, 2020 4 min read

Buying the Best Collar Stays at Amazing Prices!

Men’s dress shirts and coats have tons of accessories to complement their already dashing and sophisticated look. The accessories are fashionable but principally have an ornamental goal and look.

There are cufflinks, watches, lapel pins, neckties, bowties, and relevant to this post, shirt collar stays. Out of all of these, there is one that was created solely for its practicality.

They are not visible from the outside of the shirt, but they serve the purpose of ensuring that your shirt looks crisp and pristine from the moment you put it on until the moment you leave the party.

The accessory to which I am giving well-deserved hype is the Collar Stay.

What is a Collar Stay?

A collar stay is simply a small, skinny, and flat bar inserted into the little compartments on the bottom side of the collar of a dress shirt. It maintains the rigidity of the collar and ensures that it entirely conceals your necktie, depending on what type it is, and then properly keeping it in place.

Simple enough, yeah?

Why is it so imperative that you keep your shirt collar looking crispier than a snowflake? I’ll tell you. The purpose of the collar of the shirt is to position the face and the tie knot such that it is symmetrically pleasing to the eye of anyone you encounter.

A shirt collar that is saggy, crumply, wrinkly, or looks like an accordion is going to stick out like a sore thumb and get you turned away from most formal social functions.

There are some shirt collar designs that were made to mitigate the issue of a crappy collar. Most brands of dress shirt could really put collar stays to good use.

What You Need to Know

Collar Stays have been used since the 1700s. It was during that time that men wore these stellar removable collars that used starch to maintain their rigidity. They were used as a means to improve the overall appearance of their formal attire.

At the time, there were a few noblemen who thought that the collars with starch were far too stiff and uncomfortable for their liking. So, what was their course of action?

Collar Stays.

Collar stays were established to emulate the function of the starch. They secure the collar in place but without suffocating you. They maintain the shape of the collar too. The original collar stays were mostly made with wood.

Collar Stays are The Bomb

In the world of men’s fashion, you will find that a lot of dress shirt brands manufacture their shirts with collar stays that are already rooted with permanent collar stays. It may seem like a luxury, but permanent damage to the collar on one of those shirts is means a permanently damaged and accordion collar and nobody has the time for that.

Because they’re already built into the shirt, it is only a matter of time after all of the dry cleaning, and iron pressing that the collar will begin to look untidy and duller than a post-exam pencil.

The nice thing about collar stays from Cuffed.com.au is that they are removable, reusable, and made from stainless steel or brass.

For the most part, collar stays are a universal one size fits all shape and will go into the collar of any shirt, so you don’t necessarily have to break your neck to find the right size.

Stainless steel and or brass metal collar stays have proven to be the most popular due to their weight and how it is just perfect enough without adding excess weight.

They were smelted and crafted with stainless steel, so they are the most rigid collar stays you can find. They will certainly make the collar of any shirt look absolutely fantastic.

They are affordable and often come in a variety of lengths in the event some of your shirt sizes vary.

Are there any drawbacks to stainless steel collar stays? Not any I can think of. Just don’t misplace them! Luckily, if you accidentally leave them in your shirt and then put them in the washing machine, they won’t rust and damage your clothes.

There are plastic alternatives, but they are flimsier and are often the same price or just slightly less expensive than the stainless steel ones.

In fact, here are some of our selections of collar stays.

1. Swiss Stays 3 Pack Adjustable Titanium Collar Stays

Collar stays don’t really sound or get as robust as these. If you want to ensure that your shirts look the sharpest you’ve ever had them, then these are the stays you need in your life.

Reusable, and more importantly, adjustable to fit within any size collar shirt. They could last a lifetime if you don’t lose them.

Your confidence will be as strong as the titanium with which these collar stays were crafted.

2. Swiss Stays 3 Pack Adjustable Stainless Steel Collar Stays

Swiss cheese. Swiss Army Knife, and Swiss Beatz. Never look like an unruly bachelor again with these collar stays.

They are an awesome gift for the man who can’t quite look as sharp as he may perform intellectually. Not all hope is lost for him, however.

First impressions are extremely valuable, so make sure it is a strong, well-dressed, crisp, and memorable one.

A crisp collar is the difference between your next job promotion or how the meeting the father of a potential mate goes. Do yourself a favour and get these collar stays today!

3. Collar Stays (4 pcs)

Don’t be fooled. These collar stays may be tiny, but they will make one of the biggest impacts of your life.

If you want looks that cut sharply like a knife all for a low price, then you will have to go with these simple steel cufflinks.

No design, no flash, no grandeur. They’re meant to be worn under your collar anyway, so they’re not all that spectacular.

These collar stays are the perfect foundation for a sharply dressed man.

Cuffed’s Got Your Back!

We’ve got your back when you need to solve your men’s accessory woes. Look around our site today!

You never know what you will find!

Anne Crest
Anne Crest

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