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An Amazing Collection of Unique Cufflinks is Here!

by Ben Porter December 07, 2019 4 min read

An Amazing Collection of Unique Cufflinks is Here!

Cufflinks are an astonishing addition to an already dapper outfit. If you’ve ever seen a man wearing cufflinks, you’ve probably thought of a few things in your mind upon meeting or seeing them.

“My goodness, this man is very well-put-together.” “He’s probably the owner of a sports club or an executive for a major company.”  “This man’s surname must be ranch because he is truly dressing.”

Ok, maybe not exactly the last quote but something along those lines.

You may not have thought too much about adding cufflinks to your outfit before this post, but I am here to tell you today that wearing cufflinks pays dividends in many areas of your life. There are so many different colours and styles and the freedom to choose is all yours.

“Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.” Forrest Gump’s mother was correct. Life is full of surprises, and you never know what is going to happen. You must open the box to see what happens.

What if I told you that life was actually like a box of cufflinks rather? The same principle applies to cufflinks except the box is wide open, and you can choose the exact cufflinks that exude your personality. The surprise comes when you learn how much more seriously people take you.

Your future should excite you, not frighten you. Sometimes it might do both. Cufflinks will change the way you look and feel about yourself, and they will greatly influence the way people interact with you.

Here is an amazing collection of seven sexy, unique, and novelty sets cufflinks that will potentially create new life opportunities for you 

Dumbbell Weight Cufflinks

These cufflinks may be the typical silver cufflink colour that goes with most shirts, but it is the fact that they are shaped like dumbbells that makes them unique.

This set of cufflinks is a great way to increase your rep as a macho man. Or reps, in regard to weightlifting. These are very humorous.

These cufflinks are the perfect gift for the fitness fanatic whose arms seem to become bigger every time you meet up for lunch. 

Insert Your Own Photo Cufflinks

Now, you don’t have to exactly put a photo of yourself,but you can custom print any photo you desire into your cufflinks. These cufflinks are akin to those pocket watches, necklaces, or bracelets with pictures of loved ones in them.

You can place pictures of loved ones in them, a quote, or a goal in mind. Either way, these unique cufflinks will serve as a reminder to stay true to yourself and keep what you value close to your heart. 

Working Watch Steampunk Cufflinks Gunmetal and Gold

Wearing cufflinks and a watch simultaneously is cool. It shows that you have a lot of disposable income and class. Wearing cufflinks that have the mechanical foundation of a wristwatch? The ultimate flex.

Show off your style and sophistication with the classic steampunk design. The gold face of the cufflink was constructed with very granular anachronistic elements all encased in a polished silver wheel.

Wear these to the next New Year’s ball. Time is ticking! 

Rubik’s Cube Silver Cufflinks

They look simple on the back. But the front is a mathematically complex puzzle aimed at reorienting the pieces in a specific manner such that all the colours are on the same side.

You’ve probably never seen anything quite like this before. There are Rubik’s cubes as the headson the cufflinks. Madness.

Show off the inquisitive genius you are and be the life of the party. These cufflinks are for the quick-witted problem solvers. Genius attracts, and I guarantee that you’ll be attracting people before you even get the chance to solve the cubes. 

Australian Boomerang Cufflinks


These cufflinks are phenomenal for the person who wants to stand out, but not attract too much attention at the same time. They are a simple colour and not too outlandish. Their shape really stands out from other cufflinks, and people will always do a double-take.

90% of wearers of these cufflinks always seem to return to Australia after donning these cufflinks. You will send your friend off, and they will come right back. Like a boomerang.

They’re a bestseller, and they come in a fancy box that you can admire as it sits atop your dresser. 

Silver Gear Shift Cufflinks

Do you drive a stick? It has become a lost art, but that is only because they do not manufacture as many manual-transmission cars as they used to. If you are driving a manual car in 2019, you probably a man of many talents and you are held to higher regard amongst your peers.

Shift your outfit into a different gear with Silver Gear Shift Cufflinks. A sure conversation starter and a highlight of one of many unique qualities you possess. 

Australian Silver Kangaroo Cufflinks

The national animal of Australia is the Kangaroo. The red Kangaroo to be exact. These cute cufflinks are amazing for the lover of wildlife.

The conservationists at PETA will appreciate you for supporting the kangaroos. Or at least looking like you support the cause.

Get them while they’re hot! They’re jumping like joeys! 

Cufflinks Complete the Look

Now that you’ve seen the numerous fun designs that are made into cufflinks, you have a deeper understanding of what cufflinks can emanate about an individual.

There are so many to choose from. I know you might be more of the conservative dresser, but I am certain that you have multiple tastes and interest and a set-off cufflinks to match.

You represent eliteness when you rock cufflinks. Your outlandish cufflinks are elite. You could be a doctor, a footballer, a spaceman. Or a football-playing doctor in space perhaps. There are a set of cufflinks for all of those professions.

And at Cuffed.com.au, there is most likely a set of cufflinks for that odd combination of occupations. Ok, so there probably isn’t a set for that combination exactly, but what is stopping you from purchasing all three?

Go forth and express your dapper self with a unique set of cufflinks today!
Ben Porter
Ben Porter

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