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The Best Watch Winder of 2020 is Here!

by Ben Porter March 21, 2020 4 min read

The Best Watch Winder of 2020 is Here!


History of the Watch Winder

The history of the watch winder dates back to close to the end of the 18th century. Don’t stop reading just yet! This history is interesting.

The first watch winder was created by a man by the name of John Hardwood. It originally held 12 watches. Wow! Many jewellery shops saw this, and it quickly became a trend to have in commercial stores.

Years later, they hit the mainstream and fulfilled the wishes and deepest desires of watch collectors everywhere.

Men wearing watches isn’t as popular as was in years prior. Especially the classic analog watches with gears and hands. Watch wearing has become a lost art.

Watch Out!

I wonder if contemporary society simply just doesn’t care for them or there is simply no need for them anymore because of the advent of digital watches, FitBits, Smartwatches, Apple watches, and smartphones which all tell time for us and do a lot more than we would have ever imagined.

In the 21st century, wearing a classic watch was a lost art but has been slowly but surely picking up speed again. Sometimes they are expensive, and younger people haven’t found much use for them, but they show a level of class that a new-age watch just can’t quite show.

An essential tool for people who own these classic analog watches with gears and hands is called a watch winder. Some may argue that a watch winder is an outdated and obsolete method for fine-tuning and maintaining the watch, but other testimonies say otherwise.

Watch winding is a highly necessary task for collectors and wearers of classic watches. Watch winders are an indispensable tool to maintain a classic watch.

They make sure that the watch is running all the time. Yeah, I know, a stopped watch can simply just be restarted and corrected but doing that multiple times can be a pain in the behind. A watch winder will reduce the stress and headache that comes with resetting multiple watches.

A good watch winder typically has a motor powered by battery or electricity and makes sure that the winder runs and winds long enough to maintain a constant motion to keep winding the watch.

This is an excellent defence mechanism for the fragile self-winding watches that are usually worn down after years of use.

The continual smooth rotation gives you the chance to watch over the accuracy of the gears and make sure that watches with a ceaseless calendar are ready for use and correctly dated regardless of how long it’s been since the last time they have been worn.

An additional important role of the watch winder is to offer a grandiose and high-grade showing of high-end jewellery and watches. Watch winders can be made in a variety of materials, including wood or velvet encasings.

Jewellers can garnish their nicest collections with these presentations. Watch winders can use the perfect watch winder convey sheer admiration for their watches.

Luckily at Cuffed.com.au, the perfect watch winder and watch box combination set await you.

It is our best and only watch winder, and it is worth every last penny.

The Watch Winder Box 4 + 4 Watches in Black Carbon Fibre Interior is the dual-threat box that the entire world is raving about.

“Great quality, my partner loved it!”

“Such a cool item! Top-quality, very impressed.”

The reviews speak volume about the quality that is provided in every wonderfully hand-crafted watch winders and watch winder boxes.

For the watch collector, this is a dream come true. This is a highly mechanically sound watch winder that keeps your classic, automatic watches ready for battle. By battle I mean show off at the formal event to let people know you’ve truly made it in life. Too far? That’s ok.

You’ve earned the right to keep your watches in pristine condition, and no one will take that from you. This watch winder that also works simultaneously as a watch box has room to snuggly fit four watches on the two rotors and space near the bottom of the box for an extra 4 watches.

This watch box and winder are powered by the complimentary power cable and you can control the speed and consistency of the wind using the knob control.

In the event that something goes awry, three big, heavy D sized batteries should suffice in keeping your watches safe and wound.

The Japanese motor is very quiet and also comes with a 3-year warranty. Nothing is perfect, and we understand that. We here at Cuffed, want to make everything easier for you, the customer and patron who makes our products popular and make the world go wound.

The tempered glass cover keeps your automatic watches from collecting dust and make for an absolutely killer display of your favourite and most deeply cherished watches.

Are your friends visiting from out of time and you want to show off some of your time-telling brass on your bedside? This is THE watch winder and watch box that you get to make your flex much bigger and worthwhile.

This is an amazing gift and paradise for the watch collector. Even on your darkest days, your shiny watches will glimmer from your dresser and give you a reason to keep going. Everyone loves when things in their life are in working order. 

Where Will You Wind Up?

The bottom line is, if you are a classic automatic watch collector, or happen to be acquaintances with anyone who is a classic automatic watch collector, it is crucial that you purchase this watch winder that also functions as a storage box.

You cannot beat the prices here at Cuffed, so there really isn’t any need to look elsewhere.

Now, I want you to imagine some of your most prized watches, the ones you might even wear occasionally, spinning like a marri-go-round, on your dresser or side drawer, all being updated to the correct time and date.

That’s a good feeling now isn’t it? Your watches, you, or your loved ones, will be eternally grateful for this investment.

Never have the wrong date or time on your best-looking watches ever again!
Ben Porter
Ben Porter

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