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Best Men’s Designer Ties Available Online!

by Ben Porter March 07, 2020 4 min read

Best Men’s Designer Ties Available Online!

Here at Cuffed.com.au, we have ties that will leave you mesmerized. We have ties that make you look fly. We have ties that will make you look more delicious than apple pie. We have ties that could melt your eyes.

Need I say more about these ties? Actually, yes. I could go on forever, quite frankly. Our selection of ties is so vast; it would be a shame to skip and scroll past. So make sure you get them because they clear out fast.

You will surely miss out on some great ties if you don’t cut ties with your old style of dressing. The two most popular styles of ties right now are the typical, original width ties, and then there are the skinny ties that are currently all the rage.

We are currently in the age of slim-fit and slim-cut everything, especially in men’s fashion. I don’t know why, but they just look better, don’t you think? I’m not completely dismissing the original thick-width tie, but the skinny ones are very dapper.

Skinny ties are supposed to be worn with slim-cut shirts and suits. I guess more and more men find themselves attempting to show off as much of their physique as possible without removing any article of clothing. The brands and manufacturers do a pretty good job

Ties are great for most formal events. Ceremonies, weddings, graduations. You name it! Luckily for you, the best designer ties are available here on this very site.

Don’t blink; these designer ties will be gone before you blink. Here are seven sexy, sleek, and scrumptious designer ties that will turn heads at work or the next function. 

1. Richmond AFL Microfibre Tie

This is an incredibly stellar designer tie for men from Tigerland, in fact, a fighting fury from Tigerland. In any weather, you see them with a grin, all while risking head and shin, if they’re losing and behind, then never mind.

They’ll fight and win. Like the Tiger of Old, they’re strong and bold.

There’s nothing quite like representing the league champions around your collar with this luscious black and gold microfibre tie. Just like the Richmond AFL Tigers, you can be a champion too. 

2. QWERTY Keyboard 2.0 Skinny Tie

Perhaps you are a tech lad, and you enjoy typing away on the computer. This is the perfect modern tie for you!

Everyone you encounter at the office will stop to chat about what exactly is around your neck. Be careful, though. It’s all fun and games until they’re talking to you until you can’t find your own escape button.

See what I did there? 

3. The Pizza Skinny Tie

Pizza and Skinny? Those two usually do not go hand-in-hand, but I guess there are vegan options for the very fit and health-conscious individuals.

Anyway, this cheesy one-topping tie will have everyone in the office drooling over the thought of taking a big bite into your delicious tie.

The detail on it is so real it might actually leave grease stains on your shirt. Eh, not really but you get the idea. There’s a designer tie for you pizza lovers out there. 

4. Two Tire-d Skinny Tie

How many wheels are on a bicycle? Two. Good. Ok, now, how many tires are on a bicycle? Two. Excellent.

Ok, that joke was rather corny you have probably become two-tired for all these jokes. This is the perfect tie to wear to the office for when you’re exhausted but only want to show it subtly.

Too deep of an analysis? Perhaps, maybe you just really love cycling. Yeah, we’ll go with that. 100% Silk and vibrant yellow to brightly display one of your favourite pastimes. A super stellar tie. 

5. Blaine Skinny Tie

We’re all about transforming your entire look here no matter what it takes. A new tie can change your overall outfit like no other.

This vintage-printed skinny tie is the perfect amount of old-style and an explosion of colour. It is a new twist and deviation from whatever you were wearing in the office before.

You can’t quite go wrong with a tie like this. Perhaps the ceremony you’re attending is outside, but it’s still formal. You’d like to show off your eccentric tastes yeah — a great tie for a great man. 

6. The 8 Planets Skinny Tie

This would have been helpful on that one astronomy test, wouldn’t it? This tie is out of this world if you think about it.

What other accessory would allow you to see the entire solar system? This is an awesome and trendy tie that will get endless comments and likes if you post yourself on social media.

Get it while it lasts.

7. Dollar Signs Skinny Tie

Do you know what makes this tie special? The dollar signs. The fact that it looks like it could be worth a lot of money and break the bank but actually does not do that at all.

To be successful in this life, you have to dress for the job you want. Not the job you have. You have to act like you’re a big-time player and big money to believe you are.

This tie will you give you a new mindset. You’re not just wearing this to work. You’re attempting to put your loved ones in a new house or buy your mother a new car.

Money talks, especially when it’s worn as a necktie. 

All Tied Up

We are on top of the world here at Cuffed.com.au when it comes to men’s fashion and men’s accessories. Like the Richmond Tigers of the Australian Football League, we are champions and often find ourselves winning when people come to us reinvent their wardrobe or help someone else do the same.

You can’t go wrong with any of the ties we offer here. It’s a large entangled world of ties out there, but you shouldn’t feel constricted, there are hundreds to choose from.

Wherever you go in life, a tie from this site will level the playing field in business and your career. Important people take note of small details and your investment in these small details, our neckties, will go a long way and play a huge role in becoming who you want to be.
Ben Porter
Ben Porter

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