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Best Cufflinks for Lawyers

by Ben Porter February 29, 2020 4 min read

Best Cufflinks for Lawyers

Becoming a lawyer takes numerous years of hard work and dedication. You must finish and do well in university, gain some relevant work experience, and then master the LSAT even to be considered for law school.

Nothing is easy in the process, but no one said it would be. However, when it’s all said and done, and solid efforts have been given, your surname will forever be followed by J.D. It’s a huge accomplishment with big responsibilities in the future.

With great achievements and responsibilities comes numerous occasions in which you will have to dress business casual, professional, and formal. Depending on where you work, it’ll be every day. That is why it is important to look your absolute best when you can.

Law is a high-paying profession, and the lawyers rank highly on the list as some of the most detail-oriented individuals in the world. They have to be to understand the full scope of particular cases and the effects of their words in a court of law.

Lawyers are very adept in using clothing as well as their words to convey messages and prove their case in court.

Cufflinks are small, but they make an enormous difference and bold statement in the ambience of the courtroom. A lawyer is significantly more likely to be taken seriously when cufflinks are worn on the cuffs of his shirt.

Everyone is fully aware of the effects of cufflinks. A cufflinked man is a focused man. A focused man is a dangerous man.

If you’re not shopping for cufflinks at Cuffed.com.au, you’re missing out. Here is a collection of killer cufflinks that are perfect for your legal friends. 

1. Guilty/Not Guilty Cufflinks

If you’re looking for some fascinating cufflinks for your attorney friend, then look no further than the cufflinks that are capable of reaching a verdict without a jury of your peers.

One cufflink says guilty in all black capital letters with a white backdrop while the other cufflink says not guilty. These are for the lawyer who means business but also doesn’t take themselves too seriously.

They’re a fun time, and the verdict quite literally goes without saying. 

2. Old Lawyers Never Die Cufflinks

Once a lawyer, always a lawyer. These are the perfect cufflinks for one of your older legal acquaintances who is nearing retirement or has already retired.

A lot of lawyers may have experienced and seen a lot of horrible situations in the past, but they since maintained their wittiness and humour in social situations.

The first cufflink, in all capital letters, reads “old lawyers never die”. The second one reads “they just lose their appeal”.

Which is a play-on-words for when lawyers bring courses to the appellate court and lose but also maintains the joke that old lawyers lose their youth and brightness after a long and drawn-out career.

It’ll happen to all of us one day. These cufflinks are a sweet reminder to the person you’re gifting them to never lose who they are. 

3. Keep Calm I’m A Lawyer

Have you and another friend ever found yourselves in a situation which may require legal consultation and possibly legal action? Look no further than these cufflinks.

They read Keep Calm I’m A Lawyer like the Keep Calm and Carry On posters that the British Government used as motivational posters before the Second World War.

These are a spectacular gift for the legally-inclined friend in the bunch. He knows all of the laws; he gives you all free consult and is just an all-around great guy. You love his personality and you can trust him.

He’ll never lead you down the wrong legal path, so keep calm, he’s a lawyer. 

4. Law Student Slogan Cufflinks (if found, return to bar)

Law school is a truly difficult time for a lot of people. Which means that a lot of free time will be spent consuming alcohol to reduce the pain. I do not promote using alcohol as an escape, but for a stressed Law student, the bar is the most stress-free environment they will experience.

They hilariously read, in grey letters, with a black background on a large square cufflink face, “Law Student, if found, return to bar.

These are great for the struggling law student who also has a sense of humour. Let him know that it is ok to struggle with law school, and he won’t have to wear these any longer once he earns his J.D.

The only bars he will be visiting at that time will be the bar exams! 

5. Scales of Justice Silver 2 Cufflinks

The scales of justice are the universal symbols of law recognized internationally. These ornately crafted rhodium silver cufflinks are a bold, classic silver colour suitable with any suit.

These cufflinks convey true dedication to the profession of law. They are physically small scales, but they send a large-scale message to the rest of the world.

Your lawyer, attorney, or judge friend would truly love to sport these cufflinks as they deviate from the typical business professional cufflinks.

These are the perfect cufflinks for the man who means business but also likes to standout and stray from societal norms — a true thinker from outside of the box. 

What is the Difference between a Good Lawyer and a Great Lawyer?

A lot of factors, but if we’re being honest, it’s the cufflinks.

The cufflinks are more powerful accessory than people realize and are enough to prove your case for why you may be a better lawyer than others.

The best lawyers pay attention to detail and dress for success. They fully understand that how you dress is going to influence how you carry yourself and how you carry yourself is going to play a big role in the clients that seek your legal services.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way and sometimes a lawsuit. For a lawyer, it’s a pair of cufflinks that is going to differentiate himself from the other lawyers in the pack.

I say all this, but really, who am I to judge? I’m no judge that’s for sure, but you’re a great judge of men’s fashion and know that there is a wide selection of cufflinks for lawyers for you to choose from today!

But who am I to judge?

Ben Porter
Ben Porter

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