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Top Quality Cufflinks and Studs at the Best Price

by Ben Porter November 30, 2019 4 min read

Top Quality Cufflinks and Studs at the Best Price

Have you recently rented or purchased a suit or tuxedo and are trying to figure out how to truly set yourself apart from the other men in attendance? Cufflinks and studs are a step in the right direction.

Please understand that cufflinks and studs are not used interchangeably and are two different pieces of jewellery. Cufflinks are used to secure the cuffs of a shirt. Studs are used as buttons on the front of a dress shirt.

Cufflinks and Studs are generally worn with more formal attire and in a lot of cases, regarded as formal jewellery. Yes, men can wear jewellery too, and they can look like a stud while doing so. Cufflinks show that you mean business.

Studs, on the other hand? They show that you ARE the business. If you are a man and going to wear jewellery of any kind, understand that you are building a personal brand.

If you decide to wear both, you’re a thief because you’re really trying to steal the show at that point. But you’re a thief for the right reasons.

The saying goes, “it takes money to make money”. It is true. It is imperative that you invest in yourself and your personal style. While it is true, it doesn’t mean your wallet has to suffer.

At Cuffed.com.au, you can find a diverse abundance of cufflinks and studs that will instantly turn you into Mr Popular that will not break your bank.

Here are some decently priced quality cufflinks and studs to think about for the next time you get invited to a formal event. 

Crystal Ball Cufflinks and Stud Set

Crystal studded cufflinks and crystal-studded studs. The epitome of all things bright and scintillating.

You might as well inform the photographer to turn off the flash when shooting photos because the glare will be unreal. Bedazzling, in fact.

Fortunately, in this set, you get both cufflinks and studs. They are an amazingly elegant finishing touch to your outfit at any formal occasion and will surely turn heads.

Sparkle on your wrist and glisten on the front of your shirt. 

Batman Black and Yellow Stud Set with Cufflinks

Now, I know mentioned that cufflinks and studs are for formal attire and formal events, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have fun with it from time to time.

You can be suave and proper, but you can show that you have a fun and playful side too. In life, you can’t always be too serious. This set of studs and cufflinks go hand-in-hand like Batman and Robin.

They are a definite conversation starter and will surely attract attention. People love the fun guy at the party.

For a reasonable price, you can get these Bat symbol-engraved studs and cufflinks and be the life of the party as the dark night rises. There will be a Cat Woman waiting for you the moment you step out of the cave donning these bad boys on your chest and wrists. 

STUD Cufflinks

Disclaimer. These are not studs. Nor are they a combination of studs and cufflinks. They are cufflinks that have word “STUD” in all capital letters carved into the head of the cufflink.

These cufflinks are a fun time. Let people know that you’re no geek off the street. It truly pays to advertise who you really are even though you might suffer from some form of appearance deficit.

In life, it is important to “fake it till you make it”. These are the best cufflinks for giving yourself and other people the illusion that you are indeed a stud and should have multiple ladies around your arms and multiple lads begging for a consultation to become as cool as you are. 

Penguin Suit and Stud Cufflink Set

Perhaps you were invited to the elegant, world-class reception after the Symphony Orchestra performance held by the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra in their concert hall ballroom.

The fanciness is just radiating off of the sound of that event. In this case, a tuxedo with a black bowtie is required for entry. Or in other words, a penguin suit.

The Penguin Suit and Stud Cufflink Set goes swimmingly with the classic black and white tuxedo and cumber-button fit. My goodness, these studs and cufflinks are freaking adorable. Who doesn’t absolutely love penguins?

Show off your eccentric side and waddle your way to Cuffed.com.au and score these cufflinks and studs today! 

Superman Stud Set

Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s you. You are Superman. Not quite convinced? Then you need to purchase this set of studs.

These studs are for the fun-loving, high-flying, and ambitious man. The go-getter and winner of the group. What’s the difference between you and Superman? The answer is quite simple. Superman can fly.

But Superman will never be as fly as you. You can quote that if you want. 

Studded Buckle Cufflinks

These studded buckle style cufflinks are sure to make you seem like a distinguished guest. The brushed dots against the coarse backdrop will give the illusion of royalty to those who closely examine your wrists.

They are on the bigger side, but that is what makes them distinct. Bigger isn’t always better but these are the type of cufflinks that you want to show off a little bit more at the event.

They’re currently going for a low price so get them while they’re hot. 

What Are You Waiting For?

Hopefully, you have been exposed to the various cufflinks and studs that you didn’t even know existed and are currently thinking about your wardrobe and next formal outfit. There are numerous sets out there that will set you apart from your peers.

There’s a set of cufflinks out there for every personality you can think of. The loud and proud stud and the quieter lad who has confidence but doesn’t need to exude it in an ostentatious manner.

There are cufflinks for every occasion, and you can find the ones that fulfil all of your goals and desires here at Cuffed.com.au.
Ben Porter
Ben Porter

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