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Best Dress Socks for Your Groomsmen

by Ben Porter March 14, 2020 4 min read

Best Dress Socks for Your Groomsmen

What did the hat say to the sock? He said, “I’ll go on ahead, you go on foot” HA!

Wait wait, how about this one?

How many inches fits in a sock? If I had to guess I would say, typically around 12 inches, or a foot to be exact.

Did I get a chuckle out of you? Well, it was worth a try. Anyway, if you or one of your very close childhood friends is getting married, first, congratulations and secondly, you’re going to have to make sure that all the groomsmen are looking flyer than an American Eagle.

An American bald is Eagle is very fly and so are the dress socks found at Cuffed.com.au, your one-stop solution for finding men’s clothing and accessories for every occasion under the sun.

Matching dress socks are an exciting and playful way to show how closely-knit (pun intended) you and your friend group is. It’s a test of how well you can synchronize outfits with the squad.

Groomsmen can match the groom if they’d like, or each individual groomsman can choose a pair of socks that is unique to their personality. Luckily, you have found the perfect place to shop for both scenarios. We have an enormous selection of socks to choose from.

They’re all so very exciting in their own way.

Here are seven of the most stylish and devilishly sexy dress socks on the site! 

1. Taco Supreme Socks

If you’re a fan of soft-shelled tacos, I am sorry, the tacos on these dress socks are only hard shell. But luckily, for hard-shelled tacos, the contents are for more likely to stay within the taco while decreasing the likelihood of breakage. We have a lot, but we don’t have it all.

If the groom and your friends love tacos, these are the perfect socks for the occasion. It is always nice to show your fun-loving side at an event as serious as a wedding.

So, for an extremely low price, you can get these socks. Even for a long time after the wedding, I guarantee people will still be willing to Taco bout it 😉 

2. I Need my Space Sock

The groom is about to profess his love to the moon and back to the bride. It’s all sunshine and rainbows, but eventually, they will need some space.

Why not send the message with I Need My Space Dress Socks? We all love to be close and touchy with our partners, but sometimes some space is necessary for a short while.

Get these beautiful rocket ship and solar system socks and watch the mood of the event take off! 

3. Bitcoin Sock

Bitcoins and socks had absolutely nothing to do with each other until Cuffed.com sprung into existence.

Bitcoin is increasing in popularity and has become a reliable source of income for a lot of people. It has the potential to be worth enough money to retire.

Bitcoin socks? Same principle, you’ll never grow tired of them because you carefully watched the market and made the right investment.

Kind of like how the groom chose the bride. The groom and his friends may not have a lot of disposable income but are always sure to put their investments in the right place.

These bitcoin socks are A LOT less expensive than bitcoin itself. 

4. Stay Anchored Sock

Stay grounded and be solid with who you are. Hopefully, you are solid with who you are and know yourself well enough to say that a particular person is the one you want to be with for the rest of your life.

These super comfortable, cool navy-blue maritime dress socks are an awesome look for a big event like a wedding.

They also serve as a reminder to stay grounded as that is what anchors do for vessels at the harbour. Picture your whole squad of faithful, wholesome, gentlemen rocking these at the wedding. Pretty awesome, I know.

5. Breakfast Ahoy! Sock

Breakfast is the most important meal to start the day off on the right foot. Dress socks with eggs and bacon on them (printed) are also important to start on the right foot. Then the left.

Who doesn’t love eggs and bacon? The bride loves eggs and bacon; the groom loves eggs and bacon, the groomsmen love eggs and bacon, and so do the bridesmaids.

Everybody wins. Start the day on the right foot with Breakfast Ahoy dress socks! 

6. But First, Coffee Sock

Breakfast is good fuel for the rest of the day, but I believe coffee is just as important.

Sometimes all we need is a good pick-me-up to start the day on the right foot. A little extra caffeine goes a long way.

Weddings are long, and coffee is often a good step for preparation for a long day. These dress socks are perfect for the groom who desperately needs coffee before he completes any tasks for the day.

Cheers to the Monday mornings ahead with the groom and his soon-to-be spouse. 

7. Tip the Scales Sock

Ah, the impending doom of post-marriage weight gain. Terrifying isn’t it?

Luckily, these are not the dress socks for the type of scale I just put in your mind. These are the scales of justice or the universal symbol for law.

If the groom is a lawyer, prospective lawyer, or on his third go on the LSAT, then these are some fun socks to sport at the wedding.

The black backdrop emphasizes the orange scales of law and goes perfect with most tuxedos. Or law-suits for that matter.

Ok, no more jokes. 

To Sock or Not to Sock

Weddings are a once in a lifetime thing, sometimes. Make sure you do everything in your power to make it as memorable as possible because people will be talking about it for years to come.

The groomsmen wearing matching socks is a win for everyone in attendance because they solidify how close the unit of family and friends truly is.

There are plenty of socks to choose from that go swimmingly with most colours of tuxedos. Have fun and make sure that the groomsmen knock everyone’s socks off!
Ben Porter
Ben Porter

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