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Premium Quality Bowties for Men

by Ben Porter March 28, 2020 4 min read

Premium Quality Bowties for Men

Looking for an opportunity to release your inner Frank Sinatra? Then it is about time to invest in a bowtie.

Bowties, if you don’t already know, convey an unparalleled level of sophistication and gracefulness. They are THE accessory for men who are adventurous and aren’t afraid to venture out of the norms or set themselves apart from the pack.

Men who wear bowties, or bowtie men, are the type who are not afraid to stir the pot. Have you ever been to a formal event and you noticed that the men with bowties were the ones who were surrounded by nearly all the guests at the party?

They had the best dance moves, had the cleverest jokes, and their outfits and colour combinations were the best out of everyone in attendance. Why? Because of the bowties.

But how did bowties even become a thing?

Apparently, the bowtie dates back to 1600s Croatia. Croatian expats in France would use scarf-looking fabric to connect the collars of their shirts. They called them cravats.

Quickly enough, they assimilated and found themselves amongst the elite class of the French patriarchy, which also happened to be responsible for the fashion trends of the era. Cravats became bowties, then eventually neckties.

In the 20th century, bowties quickly became an essential part of full men’s attire. It became popular amongst physicians and other intellectuals. The trend began to slow down around the mid-1940s but is still considered a highly necessary part of formal attire for men.

Fast-forward to today in 2020? Bowties don’t even only have to be a part of a formal outfit anymore. They can be worn any time you please nowadays and can be integrated into any combination imaginable.

There is a wide variety of premium and quality bowties to choose from here at Cuffed.com.au. Let’s dive in! 

1. Light Wood Cork Adult Bow Tie

Who said maple wood is only good for breakfast syrup? This beautiful three-dimensional wooden bowtie is very pleasing to the human eye.

The cork in the middle is definitely unlike any typical bowtie, but it is eccentric and surely could be a new trend in the future. Skip the black bowtie and go with this aesthetically pleasing light maple wood bowtie.

Be adventurous. Try something new. 

2. Dark Wood Black Fabric Adult Bow Tie

Become one with nature with this irresistibly calming wooden finish bowtie. The black velvet fabric in the centre is that perfect touch for completing the entire outfit. Wooden bowties are quickly gaining speed as the coolest type of bowtie out there.

Go with nature. Go with this amazing dark wood tie. 

3. Zebra Wood Check Adult Bowtie

This is the bowtie you go with when you’re trying to impress everyone at the party and eventually court the president of the organization’s daughter.

Be bold in your choice of bowtie. The choice you make will have a ripple effect on everything else that happens afterwards. Artisan crafted zebra wood with a carefully-combined red and navy checkered fabric? This is a bowtie for winners.

Every now and then, it is ok to venture outside of your typical colours for bowties. Wear something that makes you stand out and become the life of the party. Drinks might come in handy, but more often than not, it will be the bowtie. 

4. Dark Wood Moustache Denim Adult Bow Tie

If you have been paying attention to the trends in contemporary society, you may have noticed that fashion trends that you may have seen in old mid-20th century films have slowly been resurfacing back into the mainstream in the 21st century.

This is a phenomenon called the “time pendulum” in which certain trends make their way back despite moving on from them in the past.

Hipsters are slowly bringing back the handlebar moustache, and Cuffed.com.au is slowly bringing the handlebar moustache shaped bowtie back into effect.

The denim fabric band in the middle makes for a stylish and tantalizing contrast that will catch the eyes of many. The time pendulum is swinging back towards the moustache so you might as well hop on this trend train while it’s still here! 

5. Dark Wood 3D Accordion Style Kids Bow Tie in Stars

Kids can hop aboard the trend train and wear bowties too!

This beautifully-refined wooden bowtie with white stars on a blue denim band can turn a child into a celebrity.

Don’t be surprised if a lot of the guests at the party begin to ask the little man for autographs and want to take pictures with him. 

6. Dark Wood 3D Accordion Style Bow Tie in Denim

Have the time of your life with this groovy accordion-style bowtie.

You truly cannot go wrong with this bowtie. If you were to go wrong in regard to wearing a bowtie, it would be by overlooking the sheer beauty and craftiness of this amazing bowtie.

The name itself should be music to your ears. It’s something new. It’s something different. The typical wearer of bowties is fearless and would be willing to try this trend out for the generations after him.

That trendsetter could be you! Go on, get it while it’s hot! 

7. Dark Wood Houndstooth Adult Bow Tie

This is the type of premium quality bowtie you want when you’re trying to make a bold statement on who you are and just a really bold fashion statement.

The rebel, the maverick, the free-thinker. If your mind has wandered outside of the box, your sense of fashion should follow it.

This natural dark wood shade looks sharp. The houndstooth fabric in the centre of it makes it look even sharper. This goes swimmingly with most dress shirts so don’t be afraid to give it a shot. 

Are You Convinced?

This selection of bowties is just fascinating, isn’t it? It’s amazing the things that can happen when you decide to try new things and wear something you usually wouldn’t even consider wearing.

2020 is just around the corner, and it is about time you switch up your wardrobe and start sprinkling some bowties in there.

It’s time to shine, and shine you will if you purchase from our selection of bowties today!
Ben Porter
Ben Porter

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