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Buy an Amazing Stud Set to Enhance Your Looks

by Ben Porter February 22, 2020 4 min read

Buy an Amazing Stud Set to Enhance Your Looks

Studs add significant style and finesse to formal attire and waring them, quite frankly has become a lost art.

Cufflinks are making their way back, and so are bowties, but it’s slightly more difficult to convince people of the magic that is to be found in studs. Studs are for the highest level of formal event there is.

Perhaps formal events aren’t as formal as they once were? This might be true as certain formal venues have eased up on their standards for what people should wear to their events.

Shirt studs are basically little metal fasteners that can be used to replace shirt buttons. They are usually made from a precious metal of some kind and have a really cool design on the head.

Shirt studs were made popular during the 1800s back when men would use substantial amounts of starch to flatten the front of their shirts.

Eventually, shirt studs were favoured by more men than sewn-in buttons because the buttons became harder to fasten as the shirts had too much starch.

So, originally, shirt studs were used practically for any type of shirt, including formal wear. They are just as bold of a fashion statement now as they were in the middle of the 19th century.

A man who wears shirt studs today is not one to be messed with. Why should you wear shirt studs? They are a major piece of fashion punctuation for any man. They’re jewellery for a man to wear during formal events.

Yes, men can wear jewellery. It is important that the colour combinations of the shirt, coat, and studs go well together and do not seem too outlandish.

A lot of tuxedo shirts have attached buttons on them but were built to accommodate shirt studs. You’ll see it. There are holes above the buttons designated for pearl buttons or studs of your choice.

If you’re really trying to enhance your looks in the years to come, it might be time to invest in a stud set. Let people know that you care enough about their event to ensure that you look the absolute best for it.

Studs are tiny, but the impact they have on your outfit and other people’s perception of you is enormous.

Here are a few amazing stud sets to consider. 

1. Crystal Ball Cufflinks and Stud Set

Imagine looking for a set of studs, and then you get surprised with a set of cufflinks too! I know I would be very stoked to have that kind of combination.

Rub the crystal ball, and it will show you what the rest of your life is going to look like and right now, the outlook is pretty good.

Everyone likes to shine, and there is no doubt that you will be outshining all of your peers f you decide to go with this set of studs. I certainly would.

They are a great gift too as they come in a super fancy box that is too luxurious to turn down. 

2. Penguin Suit Stud and Cufflink Set

The tuxedo is sometimes called the monkey suit. More fitting than that? The penguin suit, the black and white combination of a tuxedo that fits the description of the fur of a penguin.

Waddle your way the site to acquire this shiny set of penguin studs. These are the perfect gift for the man who loves to dress up and refer to his tuxedo as the penguin suit. They’re classy, yet they maintain a fun side for the grown men who have decided to move on and improve the way they dress.

It’s never too late to have fun with your style. 

3. Batman Black and Yellow Stud Set

Have you ever wondered what it must be like to be Batman? In his bat cave, driving his batmobile, bat shark repellant, all while wearing that awesome black bat mask? Well, this stud set can give you a taste and small peak of what the life of batman is like.

Or you could just be a fan. Who knows? I want to tell you that envying superheroes are completely normal no matter what age you are. Don’t listen to the haters.

If you’re trying to be the part, you have to dress the part. Batman studs would look phenomenal on a classic tuxedo. Badass in fact. Change your name to Bruce Wayne for the night. It’s more fitting that way. 

4. Superman Stud Set

It’s a bird, and it might be a plane, it’s not even Superman. It’s actually far better than seeing Superman himself and that is a set of Superman Studs.

Could you imagine how cool you would look if you were to rock these studs in your pleated tuxedo shirt? I’m not even just saying it to make you feel better.

Think about it this way: how comfortable do you have to be in formal social settings to be able to proudly wear the Superman “S” on your chest?

That is the epitome of confidence if you ask me. It would take quite the amount of personal style and swagger for people to let the slide while speaking highly of you. These are an awesome set of studs to show off.

These studs will exude confidence like no other. You’ll quickly become everyone else’s Kryptonite. 

To Studs Or Not to Studs

To studs or not to studs is NOT the question. Studs are a definite buy. Especially from this web store. These are for the confident man with unparalleled swagger.

These studs might get you free drinks at the reception if you chat up the bartender enough. The bartender will pick up on the confidence and then offer another round on the house.

If you ever find yourself asking about whether you should buy studs to wear to the next formal event to which you are invited, the answer should be a clear, resounding, unequivocal yes.

You will not regret wearing stud sets. When wearing studs, what you’re actually doing is maximizing your looks and maximizing the future opportunities that await you for the important people who take the small details highly into consideration.
Ben Porter
Ben Porter

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