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How Do I Find the Best Cufflinks?

by Don Kilbourne January 14, 2020 4 min read

How Do I Find the Best Cufflinks?

If you’re a man in the 21st century and want to truly show that you’ve got your life together and dress with the ultimate swagger and finesse, you are going to absolutely want and definitely need cufflinks. Not just any cufflinks, though. The best cufflinks.

Never found a necessity for cufflinks? Well, besides their practical use for literally holding the cuffs of your shirt together, they are actually quite the finishing touch for the final masterpiece that is your outfit.

Sooner or later, like the “Mr Popular” you are, you are going to get invited to weddings, black tie events, graduations, bachelor’s parties or really any formal event that will require that you attract compliments and attention.

You want to make sure that when you arrive at these events, you’re not leaving anything behind. Cufflinks can be easily overlooked but allow me to be the one that tells you that the bestcufflinks can turn heads.

But where are the best cufflinks? What materials do the best cufflinks have that other cufflinks don’t? How do you go about finding the best cufflinks? It depends on a few things.

It depends on the shirt and coat you’re wearing, the event you’re attending, and the extent to which you desire to blow people away.

Remember, decent cufflinks can be found at all of the commercial stores like Lord & Taylor and Macy’s, but the bestcufflinks can be found instantly at Cuffed.com.au.

People will remember your character, how you made them feel, and most importantly, your cufflinks. Here’s a guide on finding the best cufflinks to make your outfit the most memorable.

The Shirt

If we’re being honest, some colours simply do not go well together. You’re already forming a picture of the colours that don’t mesh in your head.

Technically, the standard rule of thumb is that cufflinks should be chosen according to the colour of your shirt. In other words, they should match. But sometimes, it just really depends on the person.

Luckily, for a lot of formal events, the dress code requires more conservative colours. You know, the whites, greys, blacks, and the various blues. Fortunately, most of the more classic and conservative designs are black or silver or a mixture of both with occasional crystals.

Maybe you’re not wearing the cufflinks, but you’re getting them as a gift for someone. If you’re not too familiar with their personality, to be on the safer side, conservative colours are the way to go because generally speaking; most men have the typical white conservative colour shirts.

In either case, the best classic cufflinks might be the Sliver Classic Groove Cufflinks or the Classic Brushed Silver Black Line Cufflinks. You cannot go wrong with these, and they will still have the same extravagant cufflink effect.

For more vivacious shirts, the youthful yellows, poignant pinks, radiant reds, cufflinks should be chosen to match the liveliness of the individual who is vogue enough to rock the look. There is a wide selection of cufflinks with vibrant colours for the most vibrant of people.

The Occasion

As you already may know, cufflinks are appropriate for all formal events and most informal events. Unless you’re the owner of the club, don’t wear cufflinks to the football match.

For formal events, you can wear the outlandish novelty ones, but depending on the gravity of the occasion, you might want to stick to the more low-key designs that come in black, deep blue, silver, or those colours with miniature crystals.

Don’t entirely dismiss the novelty cufflinks. More often than not, they will spark some fun, casual conversation with the new people you’ll meet at the event.

There are cufflinks for nearly every profession or interest you can think of at Cuffed.com.au.

Who You Are

Cufflinks can convey a lot about an individual. Make sure you take this into consideration as you search for the best cufflinks to wear on your sleeves.

What kind of guy are you? Are you known as the funnyman who draws a lot of attention to himself and is usually the life of the party?

If that is you, head to the novelty cufflink and find a pair of cufflinks that will add to the level of funny as you chat it up at the cocktail bar.

If there is any writing on your cufflinks, surely, people will stop you to ask what is written on them. “Trust me I’m an alcoholic” written on your cufflinks might go too far into detail about some personal issues in your life but it will be seen as a light joke that will ensure a couple of chuckles.

If you like intellectual debate, get the Chicken and Egg Cufflink. Yes, you read that correctly. Which one came first? It is an age-old question and will make you seem more interesting.

I don’t know how exactly, but if I see anyone with those cufflinks on, I am going to say something. There are so many designs for so many tastes.

Poker cards, pilot wings, alcohol, football, you name it.

Remember who you are when you are on the hunt for the best cufflinks. You may not be the most important guest on the list, but surely you will have the coolest jewellery on your wrist.

Do Your Research and Go Get Them!

Quality cufflinks are everywhere. The best cufflinks are at Cuffed.com.au.

Do some soul searching. Cufflinks are more than just jewellery on your sleeves; they’re the difference between meeting that special someone and not.

They’re the deciding factor for a job promotion or making the key connections as you build your network.

Cufflinks are a strong indicator of how seriously you take yourself. You dress to impress regardless of how light the situation or what you’re doing in the office. It is of paramount importance that you find the best cufflinks for you.

Explore all the styles and envision yourself closing the biggest deal of your life while donning your best cufflinks.

No other men’s accessory can exhibit poise and grandeur quite like cufflinks so make sure you’re wearing the best ones.

Don Kilbourne
Don Kilbourne

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