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Best Cufflinks for Groomsmen Gifts

by Anne Crest January 14, 2020 4 min read

Best Cufflinks for Groomsmen Gifts

Photo by Sarah Lobla/Brides.com

So, you’re about to get married, hitched, as they like to say in American pop culture. And if you’re really young (born in 1994 or later), you’re getting cuffed, not just in a long-term relationship, but in this case, for life.

Weddings are a once in a lifetime event (hopefully), so it is absolutely imperative that the bride, groom, bridesmaids, groomsmen, ringbearer, cameraman, flower girl, and the huppah carrier all look absolutely dashing for the event.

No room for error or exceptions. You and your fiancé’s families spent thousands of dollars on the venue, Hors d'oeuvres, and the photographer, so they expect everyone to be on point and the Facebook photos to be faultless. Why not give some of your best buds an opportunity to look great and stand out when you look back at the countless photos from your extra special day?

Think about what you and your groomsmen are wearing. If there is a theme for the wedding, this is the perfect guide for ensuring that everyone follows the theme and is colour-coordinated. Here are 10 low-cost, elegant cufflinks for the groomsmen for the VIP occasion.

Silver Cufflinks

Going with the classic black and white tuxedo? I get it; it’s simple and classic. The penguin suit always goes well with the occasion (cue the Frank Sinatra). Anyway, you’re going to want to go with a classic pair of silver cufflinks.

classic silver cufflinks

Just be sure that all the groomsmen are wearing a silver belt buckle and a silver watch. Anything else will throw off the aura of the event.

Pilot Wings Aviation Insignia Cufflinks

Best believe you and your squad are going to be, quite literally, looking fly while wearing these. All jokes aside, if you and your squad are in the military or aviators particularly, these are going to be a hit. Imagine the comments you will get under your Facebook photos when people see the detail on the cufflinks.

pilot wings aviation insignia cufflinks

Beautiful and detail-oriented. Dutiful these cufflinks are. These cufflinks will exude the honourable and meticulous men you and your friends are. These are worth the memories and ambience you will create at the event. These silver cufflinks go great with navy blue tuxes.

Mother of Pearl Cufflinks

Mother of Pearl of cufflinks are on the pricier side, but if you and the groomsmen plan to wear black dress shirts with your tuxes, Mother of Pearl cufflinks are the way to go. Gold or silver cufflinks will pair especially well with black dress shirts.

mother of pearl cufflinks

Remember, all metals should match on the outfit.

“Keep Calm; She Said Yes” Cufflinks

Your groomsmen were supportive of all your endeavours, and in fact, much of your success can be attributed to them. Through a couple of your groomsmen you were lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time to meet the most important lady in your life.

keep calm she said yes cufflinks

Get your groomsmen to wear cufflinks with the message “Keep Calm, She Said Yes” engraved on them as a reminder that your search is over and you have found the one.

Happy Couple Cufflinks

There’s really no “right” way to do cufflinks, but if you are a fan of deep, symbolic meaning and vivid memories, then this is your chance for your groomsmen to wear cufflinks with the bride and groom figures. On one cufflink, it will be a miniature version of you and the lucky lady.

happy couple cufflinks

Ugh! It’s so cute! There will be endless comments from family and friends. Make sure the photographer snaps you and the bride on your sleeves as well as you and the bride on the altar.

Engravable Round Chunky Cufflinks

This is a big day, and your cufflinks could be even bigger. You can put any message or symbols you want on Engravable Round Chunky Cufflinks. The big oval cufflinks will really stand out and especially stand out when your groomsmen wear dark blue suits.

engravable round chunky cufflinks

They might be a vintage look, but you may find yourself as the one responsible for setting the trend.

Silver Infinity Symbol Cufflinks

Billy Ocean once said, “love is forever.” What better way to say that you’re going to be by your woman’s side forever than infinity symbol cufflinks? Likely, your groomsmen are your friends for life, so practically, these cufflinks make sense.

silver infinity symbol cufflinks

Get your groomsmen to strike a pose with these cufflinks for emphasis as that picture will serve as a nice reminder that the bond is forever.

Midnight Blue Cateye Cufflinks

midnight blue cateye cufflinks

Add a refined, polished look to the groomsmen outfit with Midnight Blue Cateye Cufflinks. This set of cufflinks make a great addition to the tuxes because they add a sophisticated finishing touch for a wedding. They’re affordable and sharp.

Classic Gold Ridge Cufflinks

Classic Gold Ridge Cufflinks

With Classic Gold Ridge Cufflinks, you and your squad are bound to look like royalty. When you go with gold cufflinks, you are making a statement. Gold exudes elegance and nobility. Let the guests know that they are not attending an ordinary wedding, but a continuation of aristocracy.

Rose Gold with Blues Cufflinks

You may not think cufflinks are that big of a deal, but every gentleman knows that they express so much more than just pins to secure your shirt. The Rose Gold with Blues is a surefire way to express the charming, poised, and suave nature of you and your groomsmen.

classic gold ridge cufflinks

With these cufflinks, one of the groomsmen just might catch the eye of a single and very willing bridesmaid.

Final Thoughts

Every true gentleman knows that cufflinks are more than just accessories. A fine pair of cufflinks will take your outfit to the next level.

There’s a psychological component to small details like these. They convey a sense of finality, and people generally perceive the person wearing the cufflinks as significantly sharper and competent. Cuffed.com.au has endless choices when it comes to cufflinks for any occasion.

If you want to save your bank but also look first-class, Cuffed.com.au is your go-to for affordable and devilishly stylish cufflinks.

Anne Crest
Anne Crest

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