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Buy the Best Tie Bar Online

by Don Kilbourne January 11, 2020 4 min read

Buy the Best Tie Bar Online

Photo: Pinterest/American Eagle

What truly sets a man apart from the rest of the group is his ability to present himself well — especially showing that you pay attention to the small details that most modern men don’t really consider when it’s time to dress formally.

If you know me, I have proved, on numerous occasions, that cufflinks are the epitome of men’s fashion and formal/business attire. When a man wears cufflinks on his shirt, he is actively sending the message that says he has his life together and possesses elite winning qualities.

Some of your biggest life accomplishments are a result of the small things you do every day to ensure that you have the best chance of achieving your goal.

Men’s clothing accessories are capable of giving you a small personal victory, ensuring that you’re one of the best-dressed men at the event.

Tie bars, or tie clips, come at a very close second to cufflinks as an emblem of self-respect and class.

Think about some of the classiest dressed men you know whether they be fictional on Boardwalk Empire, your boss, friends, or coworkers. They all have one thing in common for when they dress business professional or formal with a tie, and that is the tie bar.

In a few scrolls down the page, I will guide you towards finding the best tie bars online, and best ones can be found at no other online store than Cuffed.com.au.

Here are some of the best tie bars online!

1. Shiny Silver Small Tie Bar

Silver is the new black and ALL the rage. Well, people aren’t exactly raving over these shiny silver tie bars, but as more narrow retro ties make their way back to the mainstream, people highly consider using these tie bars.

They are suitable for all skinny ties and go perfectly with just about any colour of them. This tie bar is plain, simple, and to the point.

2. Gunmetal Small Tie Bar

Plain simple and to the point, except it’s black.

If you want to look sharp and just so happen to be wearing a skinny black tie but don’t want it flapping all over the place, but also don’t really like the look of a tie bar on your tie, then this is the perfect tie bar for you as it is small and blends in adaptively.

It’s sleek, modern and looks good so you can’t go wrong with this black gunmetal tie bar.

3. Rose Gold Tie Bar

If you know anything about gold in its purest elemental form, it actually looks like a tinted red mixed with bright yellow which ultimately makes that highly sought-after Rose Gold.

It is a simple, classic design but crafted with a royal and elite finish. It strays from the typical tie bar colour, but great men weren’t made being average.

They ventured out from the norms and created their own paths. You can create your own legacy with a rose gold tie bar.

4. Black Bar Tie Clip

Tie bars are symbols of men who earn and demand respect. This sleek, black, single-line design encased in a silver bar will surely make people listen to you and take you seriously.

When people see a tie bar of this calibre, they’re going to think you mean business. This tie bar is suitable with just about any tie and any colour combination of an outfit.

The black enamel is a killer juxtaposition within the silver bar.

Capitalize on your outfit with this tie bar.

5. Black Multi Squares Tie Bar

This very similar to the Black Bar tie Clip except instead of single line black enamel, the silver encasement creates a checkered pattern over the enamel, presenting it with the appearance of a waffle or checkers board.

This is a pretty sweet contemporary design as its nothing like the usual tie bar. Silver is sleek and black is cool. Nothing quite beats this combination when placed on the same tie bar.

Wear it with that crisp white dress shirt and blue tie. Check back with me and tell me if you got a promotion at work.

6. Brushed Silver with Black Edge Tie Bar

This is a shiny, classic, silver tie bar, but it is lined with black enamel on the edges. The silver is brushed so it looks really fancy from certain angles.

Keep your shirt and tie together and your life together with this classic silver tie bar. Trust me. It looks really good.

7. Shiny Gold Tie Bar

Trying to look like you’re worth more than your actual net worth? Then this is the tie bar for you!

There is a lot of beauty to be found in simplicity, and there is even more beauty to be found in golden simplicity.

It’s a simple tie bar design but finished with a beautifully polished gold plating. You are sure to radiate like the sun and dress like the most valuable member of the team.

8. Silver Lines with Waves Tie Bar

This is a graceful classic tie bar with a contemporary taste.

The waves and indented design are unlike any tie bar you’ve ever seen before.

This is the perfect tie bar for a lasting first impression or an interview. When it’s presentation time, someone is bound to take note of it and recognize the high-quality person with whom they’re working.

Smile, you got the tie bar, you got the job.

Bonus: How to Wear A Tie Bar The Right Way

Cuffed.com.au Raising the Bar

At Cuffed.com.au, we’re always raising the bar. With that comes the responsibility of ensuring that we have the absolute widest selection of tie bars in the world.

Fortunately, you’ve found the perfect place for tie bars, amongst other things. We want you to shine, we want you to be remembered, and we want you to be the best at everything you do.

We want you to raise the bar and dress better than all the other men at your establishment. We here at cuffed love to have a good time, but we also mean business.

While we’re in the business of accessories, we are also here to ensure that you become the most valuable accessory to everyone with whom you cross paths.

Don Kilbourne
Don Kilbourne

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