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The Best Guide on When to Wear Cufflinks

by Anne Crest November 09, 2019 4 min read

The Best Guide on When to Wear Cufflinks

If you’ve ever shopped at Cuffed.com.au, you have become fully aware of the multitude of styles of cufflinks they have available at your convenience. Some of the most dazzling cufflinks the world has ever seen.

In contemporary society, people don’t really think too much about adding cufflinks as a finishing touch to their look, but that is usually because they’re not searching for cufflinks in the right places.

They think they’ll find the best cufflinks at commercial stores like Macy’s or Joseph A. Bank. But they are sadly mistaken.

Speaking from experience, cufflinks do not have to be purchased at any high-end retailers. Sure, they might possess real diamonds or real gold, but what do you gain from them? Besides a bank account approaching zero, nothing. They may be real jewels, but they’re not the authentic you.

At Cuffed.com.au, you can show the world the authentic version of you with an extensive variety of colourful novelty cufflinks for sale at a reasonable price. But when? That is the real question.

When is the right time, appropriate time, best time to wear cufflinks? As cufflink sensei, I will show you a few tricks up my sleeve, or on my sleeve for that matter, to give you guidance on the appropriate time to sport cufflinks.

The Occasion

One very important thing to consider before wearing a pair of cufflinks is the event or level of importance of the event you are attending.

Are you attending an interview? How about a black-tie event? A wedding or other formal occasion? You certainly won’t be wearing cufflinks at a football match or at the pub unless, of course, you are enjoying a night out after one of those events.

I would not recommend wearing cufflinks to an interview. Interviews rank high on the list of importance, but it may seem unnecessarily flashy to wear them whilst attempting to score a job. For an interview, wear them at your own risk.

Perhaps, if you’re interviewing for a pilot vacancy and your experience makes you feel a cut above the rest, you may sport a couple of Commercial Jet Plane Cufflinks to let the employer know you mean business.

Definitely wear cufflinks for a black-tie event. I cannot emphasize enough how much of a difference in appearance they make to your entire outfit.

You were invited to the black-tie event, so the inviter already presumes you have some class. Wear some more conservative coloured cufflinks that mesh well with a black bowtie.

Make sure you live up to their expectations by finishing the look with cufflinks.

Weddings. No exceptions. These are extremely formal events, and more often than not, people at the event are going to remember, if anything, what you wore. Which means they will probably remember your cufflinks.

Stand out. There are so many cufflinks to choose from. Luckily, when you shop at Cuffed.com.au, there are cufflinks for every occasion.

When to Wear Cufflinks to Work

If we’re being honest, cufflinks are not part of everyday attire. However, if you’re trying to out-do your peers, those little cufflinks may really help you stand out in the long run.

Make sure you’re still following the company dress code. Don’t wear cufflinks if your job is casual and does not require too much professional interaction.

If you regularly wear dress shirts to work and you are trying to impress your boss and counterparts, consider wearing cufflinks to work.

Cufflinks will surely make you stand out from the rest of the group. The novelty selection can kickstart a quality conversation about interests and hobbies outside of your work environment. Cufflinks can do a lot to show the authentic you.

It’s already out of the ordinary that you decided to sport cufflinks at work, why not wear an outlandish pair too?

Wearing Cufflinks with Other Accessories

Remember those Melbourne City FC socks you got for your birthday a few years back? Why not show off your football club pride with Melbourne City FC cufflinks too?

I mentioned cufflinks as a conversation starter earlier but be careful with sports team cufflinks. You may start some unfriendly rivalry in the office. Make sure it is a club that your boss and colleagues support or else you’re looking to start trouble.

It is all fun and games until your promotion is decided by the club you support.

I’m joking. Wear whatever team you like but know that when you’re rocking your favourite football club on your cuffs and your feet, you’re attempting to give yourself a distinguishing look and make a name for yourself in the office.

If you’re wearing a designer belt or a designer tie, wear cufflinks. You don’t have to break your bank on designer cufflinks. There are plenty of designer-looking cufflinks at Cuffed.com.au that will not empty your checking account.

If you’re going to wear accessories that make people perceive you as high status, make sure you complete the look with cufflinks.

Wearing designer shoes, wear cufflinks.

What We Learned

There’s a time and place for everything the old adage goes. And there are certainly reasonable times and places to wear cufflinks. Whether you’re wearing a tuxedo at a wedding or wearing them to prove a point at work, you can never go wrong with adding cufflinks to the outfit.

Don’t think you will never need to add cufflinks to your dress shirt. When the time comes to dress up, dress all the way up and leave no cufflink in the on the dresser in a storage box.

Bring them out and wear them proudly. Cufflinks are the epitome of showing everyone you come across that you have your life in order and have an interesting personality.

Think about your good friend who I’m sure is a fantastic individual overall but isn’t very impressive with his dressing. When he wears a shirt for work or at the big year-ending gala, he looks good, but there is something missing.


Cufflinks are a game-changer. When it’s time to kick it up a notch, cufflinks will kick you up more than you’d expect.

The best part? You don’t even have to burn a hole in your wallet them.

Anne Crest
Anne Crest

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