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Best Cufflinks for Doctors

by Ben Porter January 04, 2020 4 min read

Best Cufflinks for Doctors

All doctors around the world, prior to beginning medical school, take the Hippocratic Oath that says: Primum non-nocere. It means “first, do no harm”.

They committed many years of their life to practicing, and continuously honing their craft and sharpening the skills they required to be effective and leaders in the profession of medicine — all with the goal of improving the health and well-being of individuals from all walks of life.

While they are usually wearing scrubs underneath their white coats, during formalities, ceremonies and presentations, they are wearing their Sunday’s best underneath their white coats.

In other words, your best-looking formal dress. This means your best brown dress shoes, khakis, matching belt for the shoes, freshly pressed dress shirt, boldly-coloured, conservative tie, glasses if you wear them, and MOST-IMPORTANTLY…

Cufflinks. Cufflinks are the epitome of accessories that show that a man has mostly everything together in their life and has made a habit of doing things that have made them wildly successful throughout the years.

No matter where exactly the doctor may be in his career, we can all agree that we would take any medical advice from the well-dressed physician who also sports cufflinks.

Doctors are often recognized as professionals who truly embody attention to detail. If they didn’t pay attention to detail, some of us wouldn’t even have the opportunity to read this post!

Cufflinks are a small but mighty and essential accessory for men’s fashion. Many people will take note of them and recognize the high level of confidence that comes with them.

Shopping for your doctor friend or family member? Here are some quality novelty cufflinks that will show off their classy and witty personalities. 

1. Medical Chart Cufflinks

This is a more than appropriate and fitting choice of cufflinks for your physician friends. On the faces of both of the cufflinks are pictures of the ventral (Front) and dorsal (Back) view of all muscles in the human body.

If your friend is currently a medical student, these will be perfect to use for his next exam if he happens to be struggling with anatomy.

Your medical acquaintance will be smoother than the muscle that lines the digestive tract with these macho cufflinks 

2. Stethoscope Cufflinks

Doctor’s get snazzled up rather often, so it is important that they add cufflinks to their undercoat attire. Yes, I just created the word snazzle. It’s a combination of snazzy and bedazzle, and now it is a term to use toward your doctor friends.

Why not give them something other than the classic cufflinks that everyone else wears? Most likely, he carries a stethoscope around his neck, so why not miniature ones on his shirt cuffs?

These cufflinks add a little character and are a little more fun than classic cufflinks worn in business settings. Doctors mean business and healthcare is serious work, but in the profession medicine, it is not a bad idea to have a little fun with the way you dress.

Just be aware that you cannot actually hear heartbeats and read blood pressures with these ok? 

3. Caduceus Medical Symbol Cufflinks

Ah yes, the staff of Hermes. The universal symbol of medicine. A short staff with snakes coiled around it while elegantly crowned with bird wings.

This symbol is typically worn as a badge on military and other government-issued personnel to signify that they are in the profession of medicine and is an even cooler accessory to proudly wear on shirt cuffs.

Professionals in medicine will greatly cherish these cufflinks and wear them as a stamp of pride whenever formal dress is required. 

4.Silver Apple Cufflinks

They say an “apple a day keeps the doctor away”. While apples are very healthy to eat, there is not enough scientific evidence to support that eating a single apple every day has any effect on health outcomes.

Apple cufflinks, on the other hand, actually attract more people (possible patients) to you!

These shiny silver cufflinks are great for that bubbling physician with a fruity and fun ambience. For a low price, you can open the door to endless corny dad jokes. 

5. Trust Me, I’M a Doctor Cufflinks

    Do you or a loved one often find it difficult to convince everyone around them that they should listen to their medical advice because they are indeed a doctor?

    Then these are the cufflinks for you.

    Besides the head mirror, stethoscope, white coat, and endless degrees plastered on your office wall, these cufflinks are a great messenger in revealing who you truly are.

    These cufflinks are excellent to wear at dinner parties when you are meeting people for the first time. Surely, you or your doctor friend has been talked about highly, and your friends want to put a face to the profession.

    These are the perfect accessory for sending the message subtly while also delivering the ultimate flex that they are the doctor in the group. 

    6. Eyeball Cufflinks

      They say that if you’re going to fall in love and be with somebody for a long time, it’s best that you fall in love with their eyes. Ophthalmologist perhaps?

      An ophthalmologist loves eyes! Hence the reason they went to extra years of schooling and residency to learn how to fix them.

      These eyeball cufflinks cannot be overlooked. The big white scleras and blue irises definitely pop out on shirt cuffs and make any outfit look extra sharp.

      These cufflinks don’t blink, but they will run out if you don’t get them in a blink of an eye. 

      Tell It To Me Straight (Doc)

      Let me tell you. We have the best cufflinks for doctors in the world. Where else are you going to find carefully crafted cufflinks with as much detail as the ones created at Cuffed.com.au?

      That’s right, nowhere! You need to be healthy to be the best version of you that you can be. Health is influenced by a lot of things, and it can also be influenced by how one chooses to dress.

      Best believe that whoever your doctor friend is will feel revamped after you get him some super cool cufflinks literally designed for the one thing he has studied for the bulk of his professional career.
      Ben Porter
      Ben Porter

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