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Cufflink Storage Boxes

Your memories could be stylishly stowed away with a cufflink storage box

Box photo contributed by Stuart from Surry Hills, NSW

Cufflinks are an essential style accessory for any man who wears suits, even if they only wear them on occasion. If you have started a collection of cufflinks over the years and really want to stay on top of things, you may want a spiffy-looking cufflink box to keep your cufflinks scratch-free.

Cuffed.com.au offers a wide selection of cufflink storage boxes that will not only add an elegant finishing touch atop your dresser but help keep your cufflinks organized and in pristine condition. Cufflinks are more than just shirt accessories; they are wearable emblems and memories of meaningful life events.

Here’s a list of some cufflink storage containers for you to consider.

8 Pair Bonded Leather Black/Tan Box

Eight compartments that fit 2 cufflinks each. Black bonded leather on the outside, and soft-touch brushed velvet tan lining on the inside. It is perfect, and I must mention, it won’t break your bank. The soft velvet material on the inside will keep your cufflinks safe and out of harm’s way.

The button down attached to the lid of the box will keep your precious cufflinks secure and scratch-free.

Leather Cufflink Wallet Black/Blue

Perhaps you’re the type who likes portability and options. This cufflink case is great for the travelling businessman. The interior is lined with rich velvet encased in a high-end leather exterior with a leather strap.

It may not look like it, but this little 12 x 9 x 4.5 cm (L x W x H) box is capable of comfortably fitting up to 9 pairs of cufflinks. Various rings and tie clips fit in it as well.

With this case, you can keep your collection safe on the go and at home.

20 Pair Natural Wood Cufflink Box

Say goodbye to scattered, missing, and disorganised cufflinks. The Natural Wood Cufflink Box is a solid way to show off your cufflink collection. Not 5 pairs, not 10, but 20 pairs of cufflinks fit comfortably into this case!

This natural shade wooden cufflink box presents a plush velvet interior and a transparent shatter-proof acrylic lid to keep your cufflinks free of dust. They are on display without even being exposed. This is a stellar storage box for an avid collector of cufflinks.

50 Pair Cufflink and Watch Box Double Decker Black


Let’s say you or whomever you are purchasing these boxes for has a high level of Man-telligence and versatility. If you’re a watch wearer, and you possess a robust cufflink collection, this is the storage box for you.

This wooden storage box has a double layer of velvet on the interior and a clear acrylic shatter-proof lid to keep your cufflinks and watches from collecting dust. Likely these accessories mean a lot to you, so keeping them clean and safe would be a top priority.

The glossy black glaze is a sexy addition on the top of your dresser. Snugly fit 50 pairs of your snazziest cufflinks and four of your most prized watches in this storage case. Again, a solid storage case for the accessory collector.

36 Pair Bonded Leather Brown Cufflink Box


If you’re looking to store your cufflinks in style, look no further. You are bound to max-out on style points here. This lavish, luxurious, and lovely 36-pair cufflink storage box with a bold contrast in the stitching detail will have you dreaming about potential cufflinks to admire as you stare at them through the acrylic window.

The inner velvet lining is dark tan and softly brushed. It is a strong leather button-down strap that will keep your valuable cufflinks safely stowed away.

Medium Cufflink and Valet Box Mahogany

If there is a lot of clutter around you and not many efficient ways to organize your space, this is the right storage case for you. This wooden, specifically mahogany, cufflink box comes with a velvet interior and a clear shatter-proof glass lid to keep cufflinks free of dust.

Finished in a shiny mahogany polish, the box will cosily fit 20 pairs of cufflinks and all other various accessory bits and pieces.

Keep your memories, accomplishments, prized-possessions, and life-changing events organized in this storage box.

8 pair Wooden (Elm Burl) Storage Box


Carpathian Elm burl veneer is internationally known for its beauty. The burl patterns are very small and close together. The variety of colours observed in elm burl veneer is widely associated with the tree in its living state when harvested.


Poetic much? Hopefully, that description would be enough for you to consider the elegant elm burl wood box. This one comes with eight compartments for you to store your finest cufflinks. It has a glass-top lid in case you wanted to appreciate your cufflinks without taking them out of the box.

If your cufflinks are a bit on the bigger side, this is an excellent storage case for you. Collectors of big cufflinks will truly appreciate this beautifully crafted wooden box.

"Not all your cufflinks may be designer, but
the way you store them can look designer."


There are a plethora of cufflink storage boxes to choose from. Quite frankly, you can’t go wrong with any of these cases, but its all about the small nuances that really strike your fancy. Perhaps you want your cufflinks to be visible with a transparent lid yet not exposed to the external dust and pollution.

Or you want them to be entirely hidden, encased in a dark, leather, strapped box. You can have it any way you want. Your memories could be stylishly stowed away with cufflink storage boxes from Cuffed.com.au.