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Watch Winding Specifications

Ramon Cuervo opened a jewelry store in central Havana in 1864; in 1882 , his grandchildren - "sobrinos" means "grandchildren" - took over the management of the shop, contributing to his success of the business which over the years was expanded and then changed headquarters. Three offices were opened in Europe, one in Germany, where the precious stones were selected, one in France, where the jewels were made and one in Switzerland, where the company founded its own factory and where it then established its headquarters. the company distributed and sold other watch brands and, in the early 1940s, began a collaboration with Rolex and Patek Philippe by customizing watch models within the dial.

Esplėndidos ETA 2824 or ETA 2892 or 2895-2 or TT65 Both 650
Esplėndidos 1882 CYS 2450 Both 650-800
Esplėndidos Clasico ETA 2824 or Soprod 9094 Both 650
Esplėndidos Chronografo   CW 650
Esplėndidos Don Ramon   Both 650
Esplėndidos Dual Time CYS 2450 Both 650-800
Esplėndidos Esplėndidos ETA 2824 or Soprod 9094 Both 650
Esplėndidos Monopulsante CYS 2450 Both 650-800
Esplėndidos Retrogrado Soprod 9094 Both 650
Historiador GMT   Both 650
Historiador Pequenos Segundos   Both 650
Historiador Racing   Both 650
Marinero DD 9000 Both 650
Pirata Chrono Complete Calendar   CW 800
Prominente ETA 2671 Both 650
Prominente Chronograph ETA 2094 CW 650-800
Prominente Chronografo Trofeo   CW 650
Prominente Convertible   Both 650
Prominente Dual Time ETA 2671 Both 650
Prominente Prominente ETA 2892-A2 Both 650
Prominente ST   Both 650
Robusto Buceador Diver's Watch ETA 2824 or 2892 Both 650
Robusto Calendario Perpetual DD 5124
Robusto Cronografo ETA 2892-A2 + DD Module Both 650
Robusto Manjuari   Both 650
Robusto Manjuari 1882   Both 650
Robusto Summer Marathon   Both 650
Robusto Robusto ETA 2824 or 2892-A2 or 2895-2 Both 650
Robusto Tricalendografo ETA 2892 Both 650
Robusto Tricalendografo Luna Squelette DD 9000 Both 650
Torpedo Automatic 43 mm   Both 650
Torpedo Chronograph Classique Espagne-Portugal Ltd. Ed.
Torpedo GMT ETA 2893-2 Both 650
Torpedo Historiador Semanal Ltd. Ed. CYS 2853 Both 650
Torpedo Pirata Barbanedra   CW 800
Torpedo Pirata Cronografo Vollkalender   CW 800
Torpedo Pirata GMT   CW 800
Torpedo Pirata Moonphase CYS 3050 CW 800
Torpedo Pirata Solo Tiempo   Both 650
Torpedo Pulsometro ETA 2892-A2 Both 650
Torpedo Torpedo
Torpedo Tour de España
Tricolore   Both 650


If ever you are unable to find your watch model in this table, here's an easy way to determine the winding requirements for your CUERVO Y SOBRINOS watches.

  • Select the combined winding mode (CW+CCW) and the minimal number of turns per day (TPD).
  • Place your watch into the winder and check after a few days how accurate your watch shows the time.
  • If it runs behind, it is necessary to increase the number of TPD by one increment.

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