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Cufflinks for Dad for Father’s Day

by Anne Crest December 21, 2019 4 min read

Cufflinks for Dad for Father’s Day

Fathers are pretty amazing if you think about it. No one would physically be here today without their chromosomal contribution. Ok, perhaps a little too much biological information but you catch my drift.

When people refer to fathers, they typically mean biological fathers, but we understand that that may not always be the case. Any man bringing up children to be productive members of society is a father-figure.

That can be in the form of foster parents, fathers-in-law, guardians, family friends, or stepfathers.

With that being said, a great way to show appreciation to fathers is with a quality set of cufflinks. That’s right. Women aren’t the only ones that wear or deserve jewellery as gifts. A good pair of cufflinks go a long way.

Your father figure will deeply cherish cufflinks from you should you decide to buy him a pair. They show how much you care and appreciate everything he’s done to make you the person you are. They also show that you care about how he presents himself in public in formal or business attire.

Father’s Day in Australia is observed on the first Sunday of September. Father’s Day 2020 in Australia is on Sunday, September 6. Now that I have given you a timely heads up, you have plenty of time to search for the perfect cufflinks for dad.

Here are the best cufflinks for dad on Father’s Day that he will remember forever.

1. No. 1 Dad Cufflinks

So, these might actually be the number one ranked cufflink set in the world. How do I prove that exactly? Just read the head!

Show dad how much you appreciate his corny jokes, cooking, style, and “dad sounds” (We all know what those sound like).

Without fail, dad will certainly admire your gift efforts and have a constant reminder that there are people who appreciate everything he does.

These are the perfect Father’s Day gift because, in your world, it’s true <3

2. I Love My Dad Cufflinks Oval

It goes without saying that you should never hit your father. However, this set of cufflinks will hit your father, right in the feels.

A lot of dads don’t always like the overly emotional and sentimental gifts, but this “I Love My Dad” pair of cufflinks will certainly bring a tear of joy to his eye as he becomes overwhelmed with love and emotion.

The big red heart really pops out on the oval head and dad will treasure the moment for years to come.

Dad may not be the typical wearer of cufflinks, but now he can proudly wear his favourite pair with his favourite shirts.

3. Best Dad in the World Cufflinks

Well, is it true? Is he the best dad in the world? Go ahead and ensure that he knows it with the “Best Dad in The World” Cufflinks.

Dad worked hard to put food on the table, support mom, support your siblings and encourage you to get where you want to be.

If you are a respectable man with class, he taught you that along with how to dress and respect other people. If this sounds like your dad, then you need to get these cufflinks for him.

Dad will be able to proudly sport these cufflinks in the breakroom as he lifts his coffee cup to his lips with “Best Dad in the World” written on his cuffs.

4. Groovy Dad Cufflinks

These cufflinks are for that time dad embarrassingly danced in public to a random old tune you didn’t even know existed. You just cringed, but your heart warmed slightly, and you chuckled at the memory.

If you have any memories of your dad just simply being cooler than all the other dads, then these are the cufflinks for him.

His fun-loving and bubbling side somewhat dwindled with age, but he pleasantly surprised you from time to time with some dance moves you didn’t even know he could still do!

These cufflinks are hand-crafted and were manufactured with love the same way your father or guardian showed to you.

5. Top Dad Cufflinks

Perhaps your dad has a handlebar moustache. Maybe he wears a top hat. Perhaps he wears a top hat while wearing a handlebar moustache. If he wears any of the aforementioned styles, it might be a good idea for his cufflinks to match the theme.

Dad’s provide a lot of comic relief throughout life and is usually expressed in many ways. His sense of humour, his mannerisms, or the way he dresses.

These are the perfect cufflinks for the dad who loves to laugh. I am certain that dad will greatly appreciate these cufflinks with his multitude of fashionable shirts.

6. Superman Cufflinks Gold

Think back to when you were a child. There was nothing that could defeat dad, right?

Dad never became sick, showed up to every major life event, dad was able to give you a ride in his car, and he was always able to cook up something delicious in the kitchen using an odd combination of foods left in the refrigerator.

Fast forward to now, and you fully realize that you are the person you are today because of his constant heroic actions.

Superman is awesome. Dad is awesome. Therefore, mathematically, Dad is equivalent to Superman.

They go amazingly with most dress shirts, and they even come in their own DC Comics cufflink box.

Show dad that he is your hero in your life with these gold-polished, solid, stainless steel Superman Cufflinks.

Make it Special

If you find it difficult to express your appreciation for your father on Father’s Day and you don’t exactly know how to put it into words, jewellery is perfect. Even for men.

Your dad is a hardworking man with a lot of class, and the gift of cufflinks will show him that even you, as his child does, in fact, pay attention to the small details.

After all, he paid attention to all the small details when you were small to ensure that you get the opportunity to follow the same tradition for your children.

Cufflinks may be small, but they are an enormous token of appreciation and carry a more significant meaning in regard to male jewellery. They will become prized possessions.

A father is someone you look up to, no matter how tall you grow.”

Anne Crest
Anne Crest

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