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Cuffed.com.au won Feefo Platinum Award 2020

by Yi Ming Lai April 27, 2020 1 min read

Cuffed.com.au won Feefo Platinum Award 2020

Cuffed won another award this year- The Platinum Trusted Service. 

This award recognises those businesses that go above and beyond to provide a consistently excellent service and dedicate themselves to acing their customer experience year after year.

Great customer service shouldn’t be a one-time deal. It’s a commitment to putting your customers above all else time and again. When shoppers see a Platinum Trusted Service award on your website, they can be confident your business will deliver exceptional customer experience every time they shop with you or use your service.  

“The Trusted Service award has always been about recognising companies that truly excel,” said Steph Heasman, Director of Customer Success at Feefo. “Our new Platinum award is about consistent achievement, sustained over three years by a business of any size that uses Feefo to provide outstandingly high levels of customer experience."

“Clients told us they wanted recognition for hitting such a high standard over a longer period than a year and we have responded. If they achieve a Gold rating three times in a row they have every reason to shout about how they stand out from their competitors. It’s a tough challenge and very well deserved by companies that earn it. I look forward to the continued success of businesses partnering with us throughout 2020.”.

Yi Ming Lai
Yi Ming Lai

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